Takay: Photographer

Last week i bought German magazine Qvest, mainly because of the great photography in it. One of the fashionspreads espcially caught my eye, so i searched on the internet for the photographer.
Takay (who is with Jed Root Inc.) makes really beautiful pictures ans lots of his work is in black and white, which i love.The first picture is the one i saw in Qvest magazine.

And again..i really don't know why these pictures come out so badly on this blog. Grr...


Côme, Véronique et Sylvain said...

Hello Mila,

I really love the selection of photos or things on your blog. I saw you linked mine (Your lovely places), it's very kind of you.
Would you like to send me picture(s) of your favorite place(s) ?

eda said...


Anonymous said...

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