Mina Perhonen

Discovering a great talent is something that can make my day. My day was already pretty good, but since i saw the designs of Mina Perhonen it's even better.
Mina is defenitely not a new designer (well, she is for me) but the oldest collection you can see on her website is from s/s 1997.
Mina not only designs great clothes, she's also a fabric designer and she furnishes great chairs!
About the clothing...i love the fabrics she uses, the lines of her designs and the sweet, little and sometimes almost childish accents she added.
Another thing i really love is the way the pictures were taken. You cannot see the face of the model and there is nothing in the background, which makes there's absolutely nothing to distract you from the clothes. Some designers/labels can learn something from that!


ashley rose helvey said...

hi mila! yes.. i think she must be one of my all time favorites. i also just recently discovered her... but i love the colors, her styling, the website, and the photos... all so interesting.

also, feel free to post! that is so nice of you! thanks!