Ethical clothing

The last couple of years, natural, organic and green are becoming more and more popular words. Not only in food and cosmetics, but also for clothing. Clothes made of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo are quite normal these days.
The first name that came to my mind was of course Stella McCartney, because she not only makes beautiful feminine clothes, she never uses leather and fur and uses as much as possible organic materials.
Fortunately for us, there are much more designers and labels that produce beautiful and wearable organic clothing (some defenitely more affordable than Stella).
There are the more casual labels like Edun and Katharine Hamnett, but lately a few labels came up with really sophisticated and more designer-like organic clothing, like Noir Illuminati 2 and Camilla Norrback.
I think it is a great development people become more and more aware of what they eat, wear and put on their faces. And when those products are not only nature and environment friendly, but also very beautiful...what is there not to like?
I'd say: let's 'look further' and buy more ethical clothes!
More to come on this subject in the next few days (also organic cosmetics and lifestyle), because i think it is very important and interesting.

A great website to visit for checking out all kinds of organic labels is:

Stella McCartney

(www.stellamccartney.com or www.style.com)

Linda Loudermilk


Camilla Norrback



Katharine Hamnett


Noir Illuminati 2