What to wear this Christmas?

Although i have to admit Christmas is not my thing at all, dressing up a little bit is.
The pictures are of the worst quality ever, but since my place is very dark these days i can't get them any better. Excusez-moi.

A few difficulties...which skirt? The shorter simple one or the very high waisted one?

And what about the blouses? The very simple and clean one or the more Victorian silk one?

Some outfits i may be wearing on first or second Christmasday.

Only the shoes are for sure!

Tell me what you think!


Lou said...

Ik zou voor outfit 2 gaan :) Staat je super

loveology said...

Ja ik denk dat ik dat ook ga doen, het was uiteindelijk ook mn eigen keuze. Thx. X

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are fab...Merry Christmas