Irina, you're still the one

Irina, beautifully photographed by Takis Bibelas.
Source: FotoDecadent.


Selina Lake

Lovely, sweet interiors. Created by interior stylist Selina Lake.


Lula, where are you?

Lula magazine has to be my favourite! Such great editorials!
It is really a magazine you put on your table and keep looking at.
I discovered it a bit late, so i only got the last two issues. Unfortunately.
It really seems ages since the last issue was in the store, so i keep asking myself when the next issue will arrive. I can't find it on their website, so if anybody knows when we can expect the next issue i'd be very happy if you'd tell me!
I found some great pictures from the mag, i thought i'd post them here, so nobody will forget the greatness of Lula.


Stylemob Favourites

Some of my favourites are: Milk (who also has a great blog) and Curls. Ranna also has a great style, which everybody should know by now because of her famous blog.


Pure beauty

I am so happy i discovered Lina Scheynius.
Photo's like this are rare. Purity like this is rare.
Let's embrace it.


Ouno Design

I just discovered Ouno Design, a great eco and future friendly design label.
All their designs are one of a kind and everything is made out of vintage or organic fabrics. They sell accesories, pillows, bedspreads, art objects and wall hangings.
I think their designs are orginial and beautiful. Of course their philosophy of designing things that last and are future friendly, helps.
They use the term 'Upcycling', which means: the recycling of older materials for newer, more deluxe purposes.
Ouno also uses vintage fur for their designs and they have a philosophy about using fur as well. I am not a fur lover at all, but i have to say i respect their philosophy about it and at least, they explain their thoughts about it and that is a good thing already!

Great colourful bedspreads made out of vintage scarves.

Pillows made out of vintage fabrics.

Necklaces with rare vintage buttons from antique fur coats.

House of Dagmar

Great collection. Great colours. Great shapes. Great atmosphere.
Awful model.
They really didn't seem to pick the right model for this collection.
Or do you disagree?

House of Dagmar S/S 08